New Systems

Drip irrigation is the agricultural industry's leading methodology for water efficient irrigation and the best way to apply fertilizers directly to the plant root. Each year, we design and install thousands of acres of highly efficient drip irrigation systems from the Imperial Valley to Sacramento. Our growers trust us to maximize water savings and increase crop yields, many times in less than desirable soil conditions. With over 50 years of combined design experience, our highly trained system engineers are experts in all local crop varieties from trees to vines to row crops. We guarantee a high level of uniformity in all of our designs and back up our installation craftsmanship 100%.

The experienced design team at Bennett & Bennett Irrigation Systems is second to none. Each of our clients and growers can expect a system design that takes their specific needs into account with every project. After analyzing the water sources available and the needs of the crop, our designers devise a system that is the both efficient and effective at putting the water in the right place in right amounts. We are also well versed in available government programs for water conservation, and we can assist growers in the attempt to procure funding for drip irrigation systems.