Existing Systems

Here’s a question: How do you manage an irrigation system when the performance capability is unknown? A seemingly simple solution is to measure your Distribution Uniformity (DU) and your pump efficiency.

Bennett & Bennett’s System Evaluation Program focuses on DU and pump efficiency to better assess your ongoing maintenance needs. Our program utilizes the Cal Poly ITRC (Irrigation, Training and Research Center) evaluation process to provide the DU of the irrigation system.

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Bennett & Bennett offers three levels of analysis based upon the value of the application:

Level 1: Provides the system DU and an overall pump efficiency

Level 2: Provides the system DU, overall pump efficiency, return on investment supporting estimated retrofit cost.

Level 3: Provides the system DU before and after retrofit, overall pump efficiency before and after retrofit, retrofit engineering, retrofit cost estimate and return on investment, long term maintenance guidelines, soil map review and proposed irrigation scheduling supporting retrofit DU.

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