Environmentally Friendly Solutions

Efficient drip irrigation has long been known to benefit the environment and save valuable water resources. Drip irrigation conserves water and fertilizer, and a drip system will not only save money but save the earth too. Improved irrigation efficiency will reduce water and energy consumption, create more effective nutrient use and disease management, improve water quality and erosion control, as well as increase yields.

A well-designed, properly installed drip irrigation system can save as much as 50% of the water normally used in other types of systems. Drip means less evaporation from the soil and water is applied much more evenly. However, a less than adequate system can result in yield variability in the field. Pumps, filters and tape may not last as long. Trying to save money by cutting costs on initial equipment purchases will usually decrease the positives in the long run. Any or all of these problems can offset cost savings and environmental benefits from using drip.

Bennett & Bennett is committed to being the leader in drip irrigation and new irrigation technology for California’s Central Valley farming community. With dedicated research and a commitment to value, we bring you the best in environmental conservation through drip irrigation.